Herbicide Spray Drift Guide for Wisconsin Grape Growers

The Wisconsin Grape Growers Association is a non-profit agricultural organization dedicated to uniting and educating growers, assisting with research and promoting and protecting the art, science and commerce of viticulture in Wisconsin.

Benefits of WGGA Membership:

  • Events – Attend Field Days, Vineyard Walks, IPM Management Seminars, Annual Conferences
  • Information – Stay up-to-date on Midwest specific grape growing news and information
  • Involvement – Join a working group or committee to help address important issues and steer the direction of the WGGA
  • Network – Network with other growers, Wisconsin grape experts and businesses
  • Advocacy – Support the grape growing industry in Wisconsin with a unified voice
  • Philanthropy – Support the development of research initiatives with the University of Wisconsin
New WGGA Member, Larry Brogan, says, “So far I think it’s a pretty good organization. I’ve been given a lot of information, input and couldn’t be more thankful.”